As of this date, we aren’t ready to fill our gaming page up with anything interesting. But. Coming in the near future:¬†a family Minecraft¬†adventure and posted on YouTube in episodic format. This will be a “G” rated family adventure (well, as “G” rated as you can be when still killing blocky skeletons and zombies – but definitely no cussing or fighting each other).

The plan at the moment is to start with a survival world and our youngest daughter (Katelyn a.k.a. KatieBug9z), myself (BigDaddy9z), and my wife Lisa(PurpleGirl9z) will all begin a new adventure. “Team 9z” (Team ninez) will discover an ancient mystical world named Hexahedraria. This will be a (mostly) vanilla Minecraft series. Our goals will be:

  • More fun and adventure
  • Less grind (although there will be a fair amount of mining, duh)
  • Eventual completion of all the “major” tasks in Minecraft (Ender Dragon, Ocean Monuments, The Wither, The Nether, etc)
  • No PvP
  • No creative mode or cheating (with a few notable exceptions that we will explain in episode zero)
  • Multiple perspectives (all three of us will be filming)
  • And mostly, we will aim to be unique. There must be a thousand survival “let’s play” Minecraft series out there, but we want to bring something new and family friendly to the table.

We should begin filming sometime in early fall of 2015 after the summer fades away (we aren’t gamers in the summertime). Hope to see you there!


NOTE: 9z,, Hexahedraria, BigDaddy9z, PurpleGirl9z, KatieBug9z, and Team 9z are trademarks (TM) of L.L.C. and may not be used without explicit permission from us. Filed, notarized, and dated 05/03/2015.

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