Performance Series | EP10, Network Congestion. How IT Pros (SHOULD) Troubleshoot Slow PC’s and Servers

In episode 10 we’ll talk about network congestion. While the problem isn’t normally on your server, I’ll show you how to determine what caused the issue if it is. This episode also talks about how to spot and identify network latency. We cover perfmon and how to interpret the counters, pathping, TCPView, IO Meter as a network tool, and a handful of other tips and tricks.

Performance Series | EP9, Processor Bottlenecks. How IT Pros (SHOULD) Troubleshoot Slow PC’s and Servers

Episode 9, Processor Bottlenecks. Performance Series.

In episode 9 we’ll load a machine up to nearly 100% processor utilization and talk about how to track it in perfmon (because I know you already know how to do this with task manager). We also cover context switching, DPC’s, Interrupts, and the Processor Queue Length. After this we cover the process counters and thresholds for tracking down whodunn’it.

Performance Series | EP8, Kernel Memory Leaks. How IT Pros (SHOULD) Troubleshoot Slow PC’s and Servers

In episode 8 we’ll cover how to identify and troubleshoot memory leaks in the kernel virtual address space. I’ll demo a system crash/lockup and then show what it looks like in perfmon, then expand on how to identify the offending pooltag in the kernel using poolmon.exe. We specifically focus on the nonpaged pool, the paged pool, and system PTE’s as well as the pertinent counters that correlate with thresholds of each “bucket”.