Populate “Terminals” Favorites XML Using A.D. – and keep your OU’s!

So a quick little bit of background on this one. If you’re already using RDCMan (a.k.a. Remote Desktop Connection Manager) you’ve probably noticed it hasn’t been updated in a while. It isn’t an “official” Microsoft project, it isn’t open source, and the last version of it was released quite a while ago.

I won’t go into why, let’s just say that it wasn’t *ever* an official product and they guy who wrote it didn’t really ever expect it to get as large as it got.

There is a similar product that is still being actively updated. It is called Terminals, it lives at codeplex, and it is open source. Which means that if there are problems with it in the future, anybody can help resolve them.

One major issue I ran into was organization. You can import computers from AD or you can import computers from an existing RDG file (RDCMan’s database) but you cannot get the groups to import this way. I manage thousands of servers so just having a big flat file wasn’t going to work.

I wrote a PowerShell script to help you to populate a Terminals XML Favorites file using your Active Directory OU structure. You can download it here (right-click and then save as). Hope it helps!